You know WHY. Let us help with HOW.

Because we all believe in what needs to be done.

We believe in our clients and their mission. Their work is essential, meaningful, much-needed to improve lives and communities. So we’ve assembled a team that can help do that work with even greater impact.

What if you could dial back the pressure on your people while you dial up their capabilities? What if your teams, leaders and stakeholders were working optimally together — openly, happily, healthily and sustainably?

What kind of impact could your organization have then?

We partner with organizations to evolve their strategic, structural, and talent needs as they go through growth or transformations.

Through coaching, training, executive search and advisory services, we transform the way people lead and work together, so their organizations effect more significant and sustainable change.

Strategisense is:

  • Female-founded and female-led
  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Focused on people, finding ways that enable them to think, work and collaborate better
  • Committed to clients, recognizing context is critical in designing original and responsive solutions

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Who We Help

We work predominantly in the public, non-profit and charitable sectors. When we focus on the leaders, teams and people inside these organizations to improve the way they plan, collaborate, face challenges and solve problems, they see a tremendous improvement in the impact they can have outside the organization – making a bigger difference to the quality of the lives and communities of the people they serve.

Choose Strategisense

20 years of experience and expertise in clarifying strategy, organizational effectiveness, developing strong teams and leaders and facing and embracing change and transformation has culminated in Strategisense: a highly sought-after team of skilled consultants and coaches with effective methodologies to assess, design and improve how people think and work together.

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