Resilient leadership in uncertain times.

StrategiSense Consulting: How we are responding to COVID-19

With COVID-19 causing disruption in all of our lives, we’re working closely with our clients to ensure they have the support they need. If you have questions, we’re here to help.

How is StrategiSense responding to COVID-19?

We’re monitoring new information from trusted sources such as the Ontario Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to ensure we are applying recommended practices. Our firm has been remote since its inception and our team continues to work remotely and are fully accessible to ensure our clients are supported during this time.

What should I do if I think my upcoming experience with StrategiSense might be affected by COVID-19?

We welcome any questions you have – we’ve been working closely with our clients with scheduled programs, but if you are a new client or would like to talk to someone, you can  contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to talk about how we can help you and your leaders.

How can I best ensure my leaders’ needs are met over the coming weeks and months? Can StrategiSense offer virtual programs and services remotely?

Now, more than ever, is the time to support the strengthening of leaders and teams. All of our assessments such as Insights Discovery, The Leadership Circle 360, and Clifton Strengths are accessed online and can be supported with virtual individual debriefs and small group online sessions. In addition, we offer a variety of ways we can help your leaders and teams so they have access to much-needed support as they are asked to lead in ways they’ve never had to before, and to adapt to the “new normal”:

  • Virtual individual coaching
  • Online group coaching
  • Modifying leadership programs currently in progress to continue to support and engage learners
  • Converting in-person training programs to be delivered virtually
  • Facilitation of virtual team sessions

While challenging times still lie ahead, we’re here to support you and your leaders. Contact us if you’d like to talk through ideas and options.

Virtual Coaching for Leaders and Individuals

Through a framework of goal-setting, generating and exploring opportunities and possibilities, and developing and implementing strategies and taking action, leaders will:

  • Build on your strengths through increased personal insight that will make you more effective
  • Increase self-confidence and improve communication skills
  • Improve relationships with customers, team members, partners and family
  • Achieve greater impact in your business and positive profile within your industry or sector
  • Achieve a greater sense of balance and mastery over their life and career

Our coaches work with individuals to clarify issues, examine limiting beliefs and generate solutions with a compelling course of action. In this way, individuals experience genuine and lasting change. They identify their own strengths and enhance their ability to express themselves as the leader they want to be and that others would prefer, and in often times expect. Coaching can include a focus on:

  • Stress hardiness and resilience,
  • Staying focused, productive and positive during uncertainty
  • Tips for balancing remote work and family life
  • Leading remote teams effectively
  • Effective virtual team meetings
  • Communicating effectively and having difficult conversations
  • Defining and implementing strategy during uncertain times
  • Achieving business results and managing change,
  • Fulfilling work and life priorities
  • Decision-making and influence
  • Leading individuals and teams
  • Coaching and mentoring staff
  • Strengthening cultural competency
  • Career management and transition
  • Effective expression of introspective, introverted energy
  • Pre-empting and resolving conflict remotely
  • Effective time management and execution

Virtual Coaching for Teams

What is Team Coaching? Team coaching is a powerful discipline that offers insights and an opportunity for profound strengthening of relationships.  The coaching can focus on developing group norms, supporting effectiveness and efficiency of meeting processes, strengthening trust and overall climate of the team, support for staying focused and achieving results, support for navigating disagreement and conflict.  It is highly effective when used with teams, departments, board of directors, executives, or groups with a common purpose. We will work with you in support of your goals as we attend normally scheduled team meetings.  In these meetings, we observe behaviours and patterns and facilitate learning. Teams that have benefited from this service report significant increase in performance, shorter and more effective meetings, and better working relationships.


Virtual Training and Retreat Facilitation

A blended consultant and coach approach for developing all levels of management and front line workers, planning, leadership development, effective communications, and team/relationship management are just a few of the corporate trainings that can be customized for your organization.  Group process facilitation and customized and training programs and other offerings tailored to meet specific organizational needs are also available upon request.

Training topics include:

  • Resilient leadership
  • Leading adaptive and technical change
  • Staying focused, productive and positive during uncertainty
  • Tips for balancing remote work and family life
  • Leading remote teams effectively
  • Effective virtual team meetings
  • Communicating effectively and having difficult conversations
  • Managing conflict remotely
  • Coaching and mentoring skills for managers
  • Effective problem solving and decision making for leadership teams
  • Tactical and strategic thinking
  • Execution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Advancing and accelerating diverse leadership
  • Defining leadership and leadership mastery
  • Systems thinking

All sessions can be facilitated virtually in the form of 90-minute and 3-hour sessions, and 1-hour lunch and learns.

Other Supports

Furthermore, our team also supports:

  • Self-directed leadership and team learning content (including online video, tip sheets, tools and templates with guided instructions and workbooks).
  • Targeted customized advisory and consulting services, collective problem-solving, strategy development and execution, collaborations and integrations.