Ready to refine your vision, strategy,
and direction?

Our individual, team, and organizational coaching programs enable our clients to shift their perspectives, build self-awareness, achieve their personal, professional, and organizational goals and commit to transformation.

Our coaching programs ensure learnings become daily practice, impacting overall culture, performance, productivity and engagement for our clients and within the company.

We help leaders, teams, and organizations set goals, monitor their progress, and then report back on themes and patterns we observe. All linked to our broader leadership training.

Coaching and development programs to support leaders in amplifying their impact.

Coaching focuses on areas that include:

Executive Coaching
Change Leadership
Stress hardiness and resilience
Achieving business results
Coaching skills for leaders
High-potential leaders
Strengthening cultural competency
Fulfilling work and life priorities

Decision-making and influence
Situational Leadership
Leading individuals and teams
Coaching and mentoring staff
Authentic Leadership for leaders of colour
Development Coaching
Transitioning into a new leadership role

Individual Coaching

Do you need support to identify your own strengths and enhance your ability to express yourself as a leader?

Our coaches work with individuals to clarify issues, examine limiting beliefs and generate solutions with a compelling course of action. Our goal is to support individuals as they strive to experience genuine and lasting change.

Through a framework of goal settings, generating and exploring opportunities and possibilities, and developing and implementing strategies and taking action, a leader will:

Coaching and development programs to support leaders in amplifying their impact.
Team Coaching

Our coaches work with teams to enable them to communicate authentically and with compassion. Our goal is to help teams achieve sustainable and long-term excellence and success.

What they get:

* Lasting improvements in team communication and performance
* Tools and techniques to become more effective as a team
* Productive communication skills that reduce conflict and ineffective behaviours
* Clarified roles and responsibilities
* Increased morale and engagement

Peer Coaching

Our facilitated peer coaching programs support leadership abilities, providing leaders with fresh insights that will enhance their ability to respond to complex challenges.

Organizational Coaching

We work with organizations to create customized programs for employees or leadership teams to enable organizations to achieve their goals, transform their culture, and lead and manage change across the organization.

Team and Leadership Development Workshops

Our highly interactive and experiential virtual workshops and programs help leaders and teams to focus on and leverage their strengths, bring out the best in others, and significantly increase their performance and impact.

Our programs support organizations to improve the way they work, enhance their impact, and advance their vision. Our blended facilitator and coaching approach combines customized workshops with signature learning and development programs.

Workshops can be delivered as half-day or full-day experiences, depending on our clients’ desired outcomes. We also work with our clients to provide tailor made solutions to their specific needs. Some of our most popular topics include:

Leading for Impact

The Leading for Impact series supports leaders as they navigate change to create the future. This signature suite of programs equips leaders with the mindset and skills they need to amplify their team and their organization. Leading for Impact programs support leaders in strengthening their leadership practice, which enables their teams to become more adaptive and creative in response to change.

These programs feature interactive instruction, facilitated practice, peer coaching, and innovative experiences. Leading for Impact programs are supported by sustainment tools, resources, and self-directed leadership development resources, including videos, readings, templates and tools on our signature Leadersense Academy learning platform.

Our two programs, Leading for Impact for Mid-Level Managers and Leading for Impact for Senior Leaders, combine the best of our workshop modules into customized programs that respond to the specific needs of leadership teams.

Executive Advisory

Our Executive Advisory programs are for CEO’s, VPs, and other executive leaders who are navigating and leading change. We leverage our experience and expertise as consultants, facilitators, and coaches to support CEO and Executive leaders with trusted insights, frameworks, approaches, that have proven highly effective for visionary organizations and their people.

We strategically blend coaching and leadership development principles with proven tools and frameworks to create a customized plan for each client’s unique needs that is regularly reinforced through one-on-one sessions.

Through these thoughtful conversations, we support leaders in achieving observable, measurable and impactful results in strategy, leadership, teams, systems and organizational leadership. This will support:

Coaching and development programs to support leaders in amplifying their impact.
Leadersense Academy

Our online leadership and development content is grounded in neuroscience and strengths-based leadership. It is designed and led by experts in leadership and organizational culture within purpose-driven organizations.

The Leadersense Academy provides learners with innovative self-directed courses, best practice materials and resources, and tangible tools that they will be able to apply directly to their professional and personal leadership practice.

Learners are provided with an environment that is collaborative, interactive, and enables participants to learn from experienced leadership facilitators, as well as one another.

Leadership Assessment and Tools
Coaching and development programs to support leaders in amplifying their impact.

Our global roster of coaches and facilitators are certified practitioners of several psychometric tools and assessments that:

* Allow transformative insights
* Access the potential of your leaders and teams
* Understand and transform your culture
* Optimize performance and growth

Our global roster of coaches and facilitators are certified practitioners of several psychometric tools and assessments that:

Leadership Circle
Insights Discovery
The only integrated lens that allows vertical leadership development, the Leadership Circle Profile will allow leaders to:
* Gain knowledge about their leadership style
* Understand how it affects those around you
* Create a leadership development plan
It will allow leaders to:
* Gain greater self-awareness to help you better understand themselves and others
* Make the most of personal and professional relationships
* Improve connections with colleagues for enhanced collaboration and communication

A unique and comprehensive 360-degree leadership assessment tool designed for individual leaders within an organization, the Leadership Circle Profile takes the whole person into account. The Leadership Circle measures the inner and the outer aspects of leadership, providing competency-based feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that cause a leader’s strengths and weaknesses. This enables the leader to understand the connection between how they think, how they behave and their overall effectiveness.

The leader will get feedback on emerging and established leadership strengths as well as areas for growth and what supports or hinders their leadership effectiveness.

Insights Discovery is a leadership development tool that gives leaders an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. The leader will be asked to complete an online assessment. The output is a 38-page profile that will help the leader gain a detailed understanding of their personal style, and how this impacts their relationships in both personal and professional environments.

CliftonStrengths supports managers, leaders, and teams to:
* Gain knowledge about individual leadership styles
* Provide teams with a common language that they can use to better describe, communicate, and understand each other
* Explores collaborative ways of working together to improve organizational effectivenes

The CliftonStrengths assessment helps people discover their innate talents and develop their potential. Every team is the sum of its parts, and different challenges call for specific abilities. This strengths-based approach supports individuals, teams and organizations as they learn to understand their strengths and perform at their best.